Rock On 2 Trailer: The official theatrical trailer of Rock On 2 movie is to released at a special high-octane event in Mumbai. The filmmakers have decided to unveil the promo clip in a live grand function at Bandra’s Carter road’s iconic Amphitheatre.

Shraddha Kapoor, who plays aspiring singer Jia, auditions and finds a spot in the band. Together, they aim to create a stir in the world of music but hurdles keep cropping up in their way – there’s a story behind Shraddha’s stage fright and Farhan is haunted by his past experience.

Arjun’s apparent indifference and Purab’s electric-like optimism also add to the mix of emotions that run through the trailer. However, what unites them all is their love for music.

In the trailer you can see that the ‘Magicians’ have grown older and more aggressive. In their search for new talent, they have set foot in North East. Will they find what they are looking for?

The teaser was a full package filled with emotions, friendship, and music. However, it kept itself away from revealing much about the flick and the story. Thus, the makers have left us to wait until the Rock On 2 theatrical trailer releases. It is the much awaited musical extravaganza.

The makers have been treating their audience with soulful songs via the concerts. Thus, they have already garnered a large audience.

‘Rock On!!’ that released back in 2008 was an instant hit with the masses what with it’s catchy music, young story line and an endearing starcast. 8 years on, as its sequel rises like a phoenix, be prepared for something with an unmistakable depth that is edgier and grungier than its predecessor.

Rock On 2 Movie Trailer