Director G Nageshwara Reddy earlier made a hit movie ‘Denikaina Ready’ with Manchu Vishnu as hero. In that film, Vishnu enters into the house of heroine Hansika as pujari to unite their two families. Then fun factor begins. In Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam’, heroine Sonarika comes to Vishnu’s house without knowing that it is his house and drama starts.

While ‘Denikaina Ready’ is remake of a Malayalam movie, ‘Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam’ is based on a Punjabi hit drama. Like most of similar comedy movies, ‘Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam’ also begins promisingly with good supply of comedy sequences and this goes on till the interval without any major issues. As the movie’s storyline is thinner than a Putareku, the writer and director have repeated the same scenes post interval. Repetitiveness is major issue in the second half.

The movie is intended for mass audiences. So the director has liberally used double-meaning dialogues. Also heroines have exposed their assets without inhibitions. All these for commercial reasons. Regarding content, some jokes have worked. Rest are clichéd ones.

‘Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam’ is a movie based on a Punjabi comedy. The movie has some good comedy scenes but it is largely repetitive as the story is wafer-thin.


Manchu Vishnu looks very good in this film. He has now acquired more confidence in this kind of movies. Surprisingly Raj Tharun is relegated to playing the second fiddle to Vishnu. His role and his performance are not good. Rajendra Prasad has given another good performance. His episodes involving Ravi Babu, Satya Krishna and Geeta Singh have generated good laughs.

Both Sonarika and Hebbah have nothing to do except indulge in glamour show.
Regarding technical values, music by Sai Kartheek is okay. One song is catchy. Cinematography has standard value. Art work is not good. Movie is largely shot in one or two locations. The production values are substandard.

Director G Srinivas Reddy has not done much work on this script. He has tried to assemble all scenes to give a passable comedy movie.