Sunny Leone, the seductress, is back. And this time, with the film Beimaan Love, it is all about love, sex and dhokha.

Sunny has been hard at work, changing her image in Bollywood. This former adult star is an entrepreneur par excellence, a Bollywood actress who can get numbers and is now doing special song and appearances in A-list films. The script offers nothing new – a woman betrayed and wrecking revenge is something we have seen hundreds of times. But then, script is hardly the focus of this film. In the acting department, both Sunny and Rajneesh are adequate. The film also marks the acting debut of Sunny’s husband, Daniel Weber. Watch it if you are a Sunny Leone fan. In fact, only if you are a Sunny Leone fan.

We’re told that Sunaina (Sunny Leone) is a treacherous businesswoman who has worked her way up. Her competitor Raj Malhotra (Rajniesh Duggal) has lost another contract to her shrewd strategies. They have a history that’s as obvious as the expressions of singers dancing with Sunny Leone in a song. Just replace them in the same template and you have got a new number.

Beiimaan Love Movie Review and Ratings

It is a revenge saga indeed! so expect the protagonist to show the much needed lateral shift in terms of how they carry themselves and turns the table around with vengeance. For the first part Sunny adopts the regular, chirpy executive avatar who falls for the man of her life (Rajneesh Duggal) Sunny’s character is ambitious, hardworking. Her world comes crashing down when she has to grapple with the harsh realities of life where only deceit rules. Naturally,  Sunny’s progression is shown remarkably well to exploit her acting potential. Her accent becomes exaggerated in the second half and she starts heaving her bosom with more determination as she metamorphoses into a business tycoon with revenge on her mind! How she achieves the seemingly impossible task! Well for that you must watch the movie!

The long lost lovers have vowed to destroy each other. But, is there still something left inside their hearts?

I just did what should get me a pat on the back. I tried to find a story in a Sunny Leone film! Sincerity is a habit, not a conscious decision.

This attempted unscrupulous game of deceit is basically a compilation of three things: drunk people, people coming downstairs and people staring at Sunny Leone. You can decide to not be the third kind.

Beiimaan Love is utterly stupid, and involves absolutely no filmmaking. It’s made to provide some voyeuristic pleasure, but fails to do even that.

As for the err performances Sunny tries too hard to show the sudden change of personality and Rajneesh Duggal…well he looks equally hot. If Beimaan love was a skin show spree the two would have won both our hearts!